Footloose Friends is an organization of social and competitive dancers, whose primary purpose is to promote and organize partner dancing activities. We produce and host a monthly Dance Party, lessons, and special Dance Events.

The Footloose Friends Dance Party, is always on the first Friday of the month and held in the Dance Pavilion at Oaks Park. We invite you to come and enjoy a fun evening of great dancing, great music and lots of laughs. Dance to a mix of West Coast Swing, Country 2-Step, Waltz, Hustle and Night Club 2-Step until around 11:30 PM.

For dance lessons, workshops or special events, visit the Announcement and Calendar pages of this website.

If you live in the Portland Metro area, Salem or if you are visiting from out of town, we would love to have you join us!

Member of the National FastDance Association (NFA)

Footloose Friends is a 501 (C) (3) Nonprofit organization. We support and donate funds to local pediatric eye care efforts and charitable causes.