Eye Boogie 2018

Footloose Friends is delighted to offer 2 days of dance at this year’s Eye Boogie. Cut loose on Friday evening October 5 at our First Friday Footloose Dance Party. Then, on Saturday October 6, participate in 3 unique mid-day workshops and dance again on Saturday evening to our incomparable mix of popular music. There will be special activities at the dance and all ages are welcome!

The Saturday workshops by guest instructors Shane McIntyre and Keri L. McLean will provide dancers the option to experience the lesson material while wearing black-out sunglasses (shades), simulating the lack of eyesight. At our Saturday evening dance, you can participate or watch as contestants take turns dancing without being able to see their partner in a one of a kind Strictly West Coast Swing contest.

  • Gain insights at our workshops.
  • Enter the contest and show off your dance skills without making eye contact.
  • Take a chance at winning the door prize (valued at $500) and the 50/50 cash drawing.
  • Mix, meet and dance the nights away on both evenings with Footloose Friends!

Dance, laugh and socialize both nights away to a mix of West Coast Swing, Country 2-Step, Hustle, Night Club 2-Step and more! A splendid assortment of appetizers will be available on both evenings, as well as a No-Host bar serving wine and beer.

Meet our Instructors:

Footloose Friends is delighted to welcome Shane McIntyre & Keri L. McLean from Australia and Colorado as our guest instructors at Eye Boogie!

Keri and Shane are exceptionally entertaining performers as well as fun and versatile coaches with a deep background in many genres of dance. They count themselves very fortunate in being able to travel the world sharing their passion for dance. Both instructors have a delightfully approachable demeanor and naturally promote an inclusive atmosphere wherever they may be socializing, instructing or performing.

In the last 8 years Shane and Keri have placed in the top 5 and hold 2 2nd place titles at the US Open Swing Competition. Both have attained Invitational and Champion status in Jack & Jill events. You will often find them instructing, competing and judging at both World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) and United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) sanctioned events.

We are eager to have Shane & Keri share their global dance experience with us at Friday’s Footloose Dance and Saturday’s Eye Boogie workshops!

To find out more about Shane & Keri visit:  shanekeridance.com

Make sure and sign up early for our early bird specials. Full details and online registration care available below!


The Eye Boogie Workshops & Strictly Swing Challenge

Footloose Friends is offering these fun mid-day workshops and an evening Strictly West Coast Swing Contest on Saturday October 6, so participants can experience partner dancing in a unique way. Sun glasses have been blackened-out (shades) and will be used as devices to simulate the lack of eyesight. Dancers attending the workshops will have the option to wear these shades during portions of each lesson. Our intention is to help participants focus on physical connection, spatial awareness, partnering, and in the process, strengthen their technique, timing and teamwork skills

The evening Strictly West Coast Swing contest is an opportunity for interested dancers to display their skills and compete for cash prizes. Each dancer in the contest will be required to dance twice with the shades covering their eyes and twice without their eyes covered. One member in each partnership will always be able to see during each of the 4 heats. The contest is limited to ten (10) couples.

We hope participants gain a new awareness for how their dancing improves in appearance, when their physical connection functions like a clear and understandable channel of communication.


Friday October 5

7:00 – Dance Pavilion doors open

7:30 – Dance lesson with guest instructors

Shane McIntyre and Keri L. McLean

Lesson:  Country 2-Step

8:00 – Footloose Dance Party begins!

11:30 – Dance ends

Saturday October 6

12:00 – Dance Pavilion doors open

12:30 – Workshop Registration starts

1:00 – Workshop 1: Country 2-Step

“I’m no shady 2 Stepper.”

2:00 – 2:15 Break and open practice

2:15 – Workshop 2: West Coast Swing

“The lead is quicker than the eye.”

3:15 – 3:30 Break and open practice

3:30 – Workshop 3: Night Club 2-Step

“Shed new light on your NC2.”

4:30 – 4:45 Break and open practice

5:00 – Dance Pavilion doors close for room set-up

7:30 – Dance Pavilion reopens

8:00 – Dance until Midnight

9:00 – Door Prize Drawing & Spotlight Performance by

Shane McIntyre and Keri L. McLean

10:00 – 50/50 Cash Drawing and Strictly Swing Challenge

Midnight – Dance ends